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Syrian Christian Cuisine of Kerala

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kerala Karimeen Pollichathu Recipe

Karimeen Pollichathu is a yummy recipe in which fish is cooked along with coconut milk. Learn how to make/prepare Karimeen Polichathu by following this easy recipe.

The cuisine of the state of Kerala, India, is influenced by its large Christian minority.

A favourite dish of Kerala Syrian Christians is stew: chicken, potatoes and onions simmered gently in a creamy white sauce flavoured with black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, green chillies, lime juice, shallots and coconut milk. They also prepare stews with chicken, lamb, and duck.

Other dishes include piralen (chicken stir-fries), meat thoran (dry curry with shredded coconut), fiery vindaloos, sardine and duck curries, and meen molee (spicy stewed fish). This is eaten with appam. Appams, kallappams, or vellayappams are rice flour pancakes which have soft, thick white spongy centres and crisp, lace-like edges. Meen vevichathu (fish in fiery red chilly sauce) is another favourite item.

In addition to chicken and fish, Syrian Christians also eat red meat. For example, erachi orlarthiathu is a beef or mutton dish cooked with spices.

Rice is also an integral part of most meals in Kerala.


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